Tips to make your Kitchen Vastu-Friendly

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Nov , 19
Tips to make your Kitchen Vastu-Friendly

The kitchen forms an integral part of the house, the science of Vastu shastra helps to enhance the aura of the kitchen, taking into consideration certain essential elements. These include the direction, in which the kitchen is located, placements of the windows and doors in the kitchen, location of the kitchen in the house, placement of electronic gadgets, gas cylinder, refrigerator and even the sink.

The best location to make kitchen is the South-East corner of a home. However, sometimes a kitchen is placed in the North-East corner of a home – and this is a serious vastu defect. A few problems because of Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen are

Health Loss

loss of health for the cook and head of the family, lethal diseases and untimely death.

Financial Loss

financial condition deteriorates, credits goes up, bankruptcy

Family Disputes

clashes within family, separation or divorce

What You Must Avoid

– Do not have kitchen directly under or above toilets.

– Avoid kitchen directly under or above bedroom.

– Do not place cooking gas burner or stove directly in front kitchen’s entrance door.

– Avoid black color for kitchen awall and flooring.

– Avoid keeping refrigerator in North-East direction

– Never face west while cooking as this leads to severe health problems to the cook and if south then family has to face monetary losses.

– Most dangerous kitchen is the one placed in North direction this will increase expenditure of family beyond expectations and control.

What You Must Do

– Put kitchen platform/cooking gas burner or stove in South-East corner of kitchen.

– Use North-East to set up wash-basin or sink in the kitchen/ to keep drinking water and utensils.

– Keep light weight things in East or North in kitchen.

– The cook must always face towards East while cooking; this ensures good health of family members.

– Use yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red as floor and wall colors of kitchen.

– You can place a refrigerator in South-East, South, West or North direction of Kitchen. If the refrigerator is in South-West direction then place it a foot away from wall else it will often get out-of-order.


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