How to give your house a luxurious designed look?

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Feb , 28
How to give your house a luxurious designed look?

In today’s trend of high rise building apartments that we are witnessing in the metro cities, there is a demand for opulent living and luxury homes. Getting fancy with a guarded campus and remarkable structure in housing societies that allow you to get away from the crowd and offer serenity. Focusing on the experience of modernized living with world-class amenities and services in the countryside with a spectacular location, it is only the interior more, that will accomplish the goal of getting a lifestyle that you dreamed of. Well, somehow everyone wants to give their homes a grandeur look that glitters the eye. It is also true that getting an interior designed by the high-end professional can cost you your long-planned foreign holidays, a new car or your kid’s college fees. Keeping that in mind, we have here some important points that can really help you to accomplish your desire, smartly in your budget.


Firstly, the thing that comes in everyone’s mind is to have a certain style that matches their vibe and gives them a feeling of how they thought of living. Well, sometimes many people are clear in their heads and they know where they can start but some people need inspiration. For that, you can always look at the interior design magazines and internet for famous types of style for home interior design such as mid-century modern, industrial, nautical, Scandinavian, bohemian, farmhouse, urban modern, shabby chic, minimalist, contemporary, traditional, rustic, coastal, modern country and many more. Apart from being your personal choice it also sometimes depends on the geographical conditions of your surroundings.


Getting a perfect dimension of space is the most prominent thing in interior design. The parameters of space determine the foundation on which your entire design is based. You must always look at your empty space at one frame by different angles and then try to fill it perfectly like an image or a painting. Do not fill the whole space with everything but always plan on leaving a negative space so it can balance the size of the room.


Color is the most crucial part of interior design, especially with walls as a part of it. Now color is defined with the choice of how a person like it, as different color shows different emotion and feelings. Some people like it dark and some like it light. It is also a great combination to have different shades of color in a complementary or contrast scheme that can enhance the power of a room not just in walls but also in your furniture and decoratives.


You need to be creative in your approach toward designing for which you need to add textures in the room. Texture adds depth to the living space and makes it more alive and breaks the monotony. It may be in different forms or lines or any abstract way but there must be a dominant texture to define a mood. Texture can be of two types, one is visible and another is actual. Anything that has to do with textiles such as pillow cover, bedspreads or anything to do with covers like drapes, wall paint or wallpapers must have a texture.


Before setting up anything, observe the natural source of light that is hitting your rooms and how much it affects. Using the natural light the best way possible is a good idea. Coming to the artificial light creating layered lighting set up is a great plan that will provide the mood and ambiance into a living space and highlight every other element including space, line, and forms. You can also play a trick of keeping some big decor lamps and chandeliers visible and some small moody lights hidden behind a layer.


Great art and fabulous antiques only get better with age. It’s better to cry once and have a forever piece. Now the very delight touch of art would never harm. You must really invest in some good art for giving a feel of opulence but if you are tight on budget you can always DIY. Be it a wallpaper or painting or antiques hanging or kept on the sidelines that will definitely attract the viewer to help you present a cosmopolitan vibe. Based on different culture art itself is a wide range of choices from which you can mix things up but also keep a pattern for different rooms and give them individual emotion. You can really use a piece of art like paintings and sculptures in almost every room singularly or in complimentary with something else.


Interior design is a process that offers a set of aesthetically pleasing but efficient solutions for better use of the space in question. Furniture in that sense makes a big statement, which is also the most visible thing taking important space and being used regularly. Your furniture must be very precise and accurate to take the perfect amount of space in the room and only should add value to it but not clutter the room and confuse the eye. A mixture of big and little is key to a successful design. This rule goes with accessories, too.


Many of the designers use a couple of books on the shelf or on the side table. Glitzy gold trays, baskets, bowls in wooden, woven and metallic forms to keep loose items. By solving the purpose of keeping things handy it also gives a glamorous touch to the room. The curtains of the window must not only diffuse the light but also should match the whole scene. Going away from aesthetics a real touch of some flora and fauna kept rightly is also a good move to accomplish your goal. To add some indoor plants which act as decorative pieces as well as air purifiers at low cost is always a bright idea.

The more you keep it simple is the more you can make it look better. Do not hesitate to experiment with your thoughts and always keep your ideas floating around your house. You never know what different styles you can create for yourself.

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