Importance of Club House in Residential Society

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Nov , 19
Importance of Club House in Residential Society

Small things seemingly matter while taking major decisions while choosing a home! A rising trend amongst home-buyers is to prefer projects that have in-house gym or club-house facilities. And why not, when we choose a location based on how it will save commuting time then the same applies for other amenities too[su_spacer]

People these days are more aware of importance and benefits of Health and Fitness! Nothing beats the stress out as a great workout! You can kick start your day with it or go for it after a hectic work day.[su_spacer]

Having a Gymnasium in the clubhouse means you can save your precious commuting time. The chances that you will not bunk your workout session are lesser because of the accessibility. Moreover, you have the flexibility of timings. And having a gym nearby actually pricks your conscience to go and use it – those who are a bit on the lazier side will understand this well[su_spacer]

Same goes for a Club House too. You can relax with a game of Snooker or have an invigorating Swim! The benefits of Community Living are always great. You bond with like minded people and share quality time with them.[su_spacer]

Housing societies are known for organizing big and small events and celebrate them with high spirits. These events usually include Diwali, Holi, Eid, and other national festivals. For this, the clubhouse can be utilized as a space to celebrate these festivals and events. It is where everyone comes together and revels in the celebration.[su_spacer]

In fact having these facilities around plays a very crucial role in inculcating good habits in children. A clubhouse has equipment for both indoor and outdoor games. Children use space to socialize with each other and play. This includes Indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom, etc., as well as Outdoor games like Cricket and Basket Ball.[su_spacer]

You become a role model for them when they see you exercising or playing a game. More importantly you don’t have to squeeze in time to take them for swimming sessions or other sports. You can spend valuable time together as a family[su_spacer]

These days most of the high-end residential projects come with gym and clubhouse facilities. However, it is up to you how you make the best use of these amenities.[su_spacer]

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