It’s always an auspicious time to buy a house in Diwali.

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Oct , 25
It’s always an auspicious time to buy a house in Diwali.

Being born, lived and learned in a country like ours, we not only celebrate the festival with all our heart but also believe in the cosmic significance of its period. We trust in our rituals and scriptures that help us to lead our lives in a better direction.

Diwali has always been the biggest festival in the country ever since we know. It is a festival where we care about our home and we cherish the place we are living in. With that fact, Diwali also is one auspicious time where we intend to invest in different needs of life and it surely is one major time to buy a new house without thinking any better suited time. It is the festival of lights and this reinforces people’s belief that Diwali is an Auspicious period to make an investment in real estate.

Another reason that follows the same is that many builders start their new projects during this time which starts with early bird offers. It gives a chance to the several class people to secure themselves an affordable dream of their own house and avails a maximum profit on the low-interest rates. The bank also provides many loan offers during this time and obviously the bonuses from the firms add a benefit in the savings. With the grown market and number of competition in the real estate business the developers attract buyers with huge incentives that can come their way, as such:

  • Benefits on registration fees and stamp duty

  • Brokerage discounts

  • Gold coins

  • Cash discounts

  • Travel vouchers

  • Free cars

  • Free club membership

  • Free home appliances such as modular kitchen, furnishing, air conditioners, etc

Diwali in India plays an important role for both builders and buyers as buyers get a suitable opportunity to invest or book a new property and builders get huge number of bookings for a property on the day of the festival.

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