The quest for buying the perfect floor in a high rise building.

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Jan , 24
The quest for buying the perfect floor in a high rise building.

Well looking for an apartment is always a major responsibility in itself, where you already have to consider so many things. After finalizing the building, second to that comes the other most important decision which is to buy the floor that will be most suitable for your lifestyle. Due to the shortage of construction land and a large amount of population migrating in the cities, vertical living has become the norm of the real estate. To accommodate the maximum size of families in a shorter space and provide them with common social benefits both in luxury and affordable categories, across different income groups. Apart from the fashionable status of these high rise buildings, the quest for a perfect floor stands in question. When some of the buyers are fascinated by the idea of city view from the top floor, there are also some buyers who prefer to live close to the earth and have eased on accessibility. Well, here are some of the points that can help you conclude the right choice towards buying a home on the floor that fits you the best.


The major advantage of having an apartment on the top floor is the view of the skyline. It can always uplift your mood watching the scenic beauty and living away from the hustle of the world. Whereas on the lower floor you do not have that facility but it is always good if you are acrophobic. Lower floors can really save the dizziness and spare you from that problem.


The Top floor apartments are much private than the lower floors if its in a congested area where you can’t ignore the noise coming from the streets. You can ignore the noise coming from the people in the building passing by the common passage and other common areas like playgrounds, pool and clubhouse. Also, You might have to pull the curtains on the window all the time, which you do not have to on the top floors, where you can enjoy the natural light.


On this point, you would definitely have better access to the lower floors rather than top ones because it’s easy to move in and out on the lower floor in terms of bringing the furniture or do any adjustments in your apartment. On the contrary, to that, you might find it harder to do the same on the top floor where you also generally can’t take the stairs every time you wanna go down or up. So if you have elder members in your family, lower floors might be better suitable for you.

Energy consumption

Well, considerably lower floors are much cooler than the top ones so it effectively reduces the electricity bill as you will have to rely upon air conditioning on the top floors pretty much all the time during the season. This really is an important point that needs to be kept in mind while getting a house in cities that have a long and harsh summer.

Safety and Security

Looking at the first to be on the visibility of the building, lower floors are much prone to have pest and burglary attacks. You really need to do proper security checks and have safety codes regarding that issue. While on the top floor there is a minimum chance of that. But in case of fire or any natural hazard, top floors might give you a hard time to recover and run out of the building as fast as the people on the lower floor.


In considering the cost of the apartments traditionally the top units are much pricier than the lower ones as they are sold with the benefits of the view that is visible from the balcony and the natural lit apartments which are not very possible on the lower floor. But in terms of the rental returns people in Indian prefer to have lower apartments that can benefit the ones who want to buy it for commercial residential purposes.

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