The Reinvention of Monolithic Construction Technology in Modern Day Housing.

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Aug , 29
The Reinvention of Monolithic Construction Technology in Modern Day Housing.

The Monolithic, mono, “one” and lith, “stone”, structure unanimously defines as “one large stone”. If you can remember and go back in time you will find all those beautiful monuments and architecture that are still named as world heritage with one single structure are made monolithically. As you can believe that they are still standing tall as they were made years ago.

Monolithic Constructed housing today is an architectural style where everything is jointless and they all are cast at once in a wall, be it a roof, the slabs, staircase or balconies, there are no physical joints present in the interior or exterior of the building. These Monolithic buildings are also recognized for its iconic solidity that strengthens the architecture and promotes safety. Certainly, these are considered to be one of the most durable and reliable buildings that will serve you for generations. This is definitely smart people housing.


The key highlights of such architecture are:

 – SPEED – More productivity due to uniformity & repetition (Repeatable structure)

– STRENGTH – Due to uniform quality

– SAFETY – Adaptation of technology & health & safety of workers

These buildings are constructed with 100% RCC in a brick-less structure designed with robust aluminium framework which is more seismic-resistant. It reduces air pollution caused due to dust in brickwork construction. It does not require any plaster due to the smooth finish of the structure that apparently leaves no chance of seepage, leakage and cracks which results in negligible maintenance. Whereas, the plumbing pipes and electric wires are installed at first place through conduit pipes during the time of casting in a pre-planned designed structure. It definitely delivers an optimum quality at a lesser cost. Monolithic construction technology is being followed in countries like the US, the UK, Russia, Germany, China, Singapore and Malaysia among others. With its increasing reliability and approval, the Indian government has also adopted modern Monolithic construction technology for all major projects at CPWD.


The basic difference between Brick housing and Monolithic housing are

Period of construction

 – 1 – 2 Years ( Monolithic )

– More than 1.5 years ( Brick housing )

Architect forms

– Possible to build any architectural forms ( Monolithic )

– Possible to build any architectural forms ( Brick housing )

Terms of serving

– 50 – 150 Years ( Monolithic )

– Around 30 years ( Brick housing )

Maximum floors

– No limit ( Monolithic )

– Usually, not high buildings ( Brick housing )

Finishing material

-Do not need additional expenses on levelling the walls and floor ( Monolithic )

-High expenses for finishing works ( Brick housing )

The future is looking towards the monolithic construction housing that will be the gracious move to help to build a remarkable masterpiece for living a wonderful and stress-free life regarding any damage to your beautiful houses.

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