Vastu Tips for the Main entrance of your Home

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Nov , 19
Vastu Tips for the Main entrance of your Home

The “first impression is the last impression”goes a familiar aphorism. This remains same for your home also. You simply get one opportunity to establish an extraordinary first impression and the entrance of your home plays a vital role in making that impression.

Apart from welcoming your family and guests, did you know that the entrance to your home additionally acts as the entry and exit point for energy?[su_spacer]

Ideal directions for the entrance door[su_spacer]

– North: Allow sunlight, fresh light, and air to enter the home

– North-West: Brings in good health, wealth, and prosperity

– North-East: Brings in success in career and business

– West: Attracts positive energy[su_spacer]

One should avoid an entrance that faces the South, South-West, North-West, or South-East directions. Further, the entrance door should always open in a clockwise manner.[su_spacer]

Materials used for the main door[su_spacer]

– A wooden door is considered most auspicious for the main entrance.

– South direction: the door should have a combination of wood and metal.

– West: should have metal work.

– Northern door: should have more of silver color.

– East: should be made of wood and adorned with limited metal accessories.[su_spacer]

Things to do[su_spacer]

– The main entrance door of a home should ideally be the largest door from other doors.

– Make the main door a bit higher than ground level and keep number of steps odd.

– A two shuttered main door opening inside and clockwise is auspicious.

– Always use high quality of wood for main door.

– Make sure to have a beautiful name plate on entrance of a home; this attracts prosperity, wealth and happiness.

– Have a threshold at main door; it makes sure that you avoid loss of wealth.

– Ensure that the entrance to your home is vibrant and well-lit all the time.[su_spacer]

Things to avoid[su_spacer]

– Avoid having main door facing directly to another home’s main entrance.

– Don’t keep shoes in front of main entrance, keep them at a side.

– Avoid main entrance facing intersecting roads.

– Avoid main door at center of any wall.

– Avoid black color for main door.

– Placing a mirror opposite the main door is not recommended as per Vastu.




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