Why Ahinsha Naturez park is a value for money investment.

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Dec , 29
Why Ahinsha Naturez park is a value for money investment.

There are often people ask many questions to themselves when they want to invest their hard-earned money. Will it be right to invest in this?  Can it make a return investment? What does it cost? But more importantly, you should be focused on what that thing values, especially when you consider purchasing a property.

Everyone wants a property in lower budget and wants their home handed over right on time. But also, in the minds of many people, whenever construction is accompanied by a low cost they feel the material will always be of a low-grade quality but this is not the same always. It only differs based on the developer you chose to buy with. They should have a plentiful or large amount of knowledge about the construction to decide to finish the whole project in a cost-friendly manner. That is what increases its value over time and provide you with a good return on investment with saving a handsome amount already. Ahinsha builders is one of those only few home construction and monitoring service companies that provide the best cost-friendly services. Someone you can rely on to be the pillar for your dream house.

Ahinsha Naturez Park is one of the best housing society that exist in Surajkund, Faridabad, the outskirts of Delhi, that is worth every penny you would think of investing  in real estate. It’s not only the cost-effective manner that makes it the talk of the town but the luxury that comes with it is way heavier than that with some of the smartly planned ideas to make it the residential society of the future. Ahinsha builders have always wanted to make something that can be remarkable in every way. The most interesting thing in that project is that it is built by a lot of research around the world, learning from different architecture styles and housing society everywhere to provide you not just with comfort and luxury but with minimal things that give meaning to your investment. Every single thing is very thought through with utmost perfection.  Let’s look out some of the highlights that increases the value of this project.


Ahinsha Naturez Park is one prime housing society to be built in the outskirts of Delhi that is surrounded by the natural environment. It is located in the greenery of Aravali hills and lakes that gives you serene beauty of nature, a peaceful and hustle free environment away from pollution and surely keeps you healthy. But also, It is very closely connected to the metro lifestyle at a shorter distance.


The greatest USP of this project is its construction technology. Ahinhsa Naturez Park is one of its kind projects in terms of it construction technology, which is absolutely based on the monolithic architecture. Which gives it a great amount of stability, durability and strength that keeps it as it is for many generations to come. Also, it develops in faster speed that helps reduce the time of possession. It is totally jointless with 100% RCC which does not require any plaster that also stops any leakage and seepage problem and gives a uniform quality construction.


The Ahinsha Naturez Park is packed with amenities that you need in your day to day life which adds quality to your living. All amenities provided are been researched and understood to help you manage your time in a meaningful way and give you a glory of modernized living. The best part about this project that it has been planned to keep in mind every person of any age in the family that can not just spend their time but add the experience of luxurious living in their lives.


Apart from the heavy stuff that is visible and noticed to you, there are plenty of things that add more value to your investment on the Naturez Park. We have built the entire building with aluminium formwork technology. It has PERT pipes and fittings that gain high strength in hot and cold temperature that can not let them burst in high pressure and are toxic-free, rust-free.  The drainage system has Hubless cast of polypropylene iron pipes. We have sprinklers in every room of every apartment to avoid any fire-related situation. We have installed anti-skid tiles, halogen-free low smoke copper wires, Acrylic emulsion paint that avoids the problem of flaking and chipping off. Ease of access for persons with medical alignment or disability. Flood free stormwater design and planning. Swimming pool water treatment plant and even a separate treatment plant for kids pool.  Emergency Power Backup for all essential services and minimum power back up for each flat (scalable). DG sets in multiple numbers to avoid any single point of failure. Also DG sets selected for captive power performance. Separate water supply for domestic and flushing use to minimize freshwater use. Variable refrigerant volume cooling and heating air conditioning system with low operational cost providing benefit to the occupant in electrical saving. There fire control room at the ground floor as per the requirement of the National Building Code and Fire department.


Living in a metro city where many strangers live around together can also lead to mishappenings sometime. It is a part of our society that we at Naturez Park can not ignore. So to handle that situation we have introduced the 5 tier security in and around the society. Every level of the entrance from the gate to your apartment door, the lobby to the garden area to the clubhouse is guarded by man and are kept under surveillance with modern technology like video door phone and 24/7 CCTV with emergency voice evacuation in any life-threatening situation. So that your home should be the place where you should feel most safe in the world.


Developing a residential building that will reach in the future should have a proper responsibility towards the social and geographical environment that will affect tomorrow.  It is mandatory to follow all the procedure and norms to make it right. Ahinsha Naturez park has taken the initiative of building a housing society with a futuristic approach where we have focused on the conservation of energy. Be it our open-air ventilation, natural lit apartments, water conservation plant, thermal wall, Solar panels or waste management and recycling. Being an Indian Green Building Council certified gold-rated green building, Ahinsha Naturez Park is giving away a lesson for the generation to grow in a climate caring environment to learn better.

Another thing that Naturez Park offers is transparency in every transaction/activity. Timely delivery of the project to the customers. Tracking accessibility of every situation. An investment in real estate has never been bad but you should always seek that shall satisfy you not just at the moment but gives you a peace of mind for the future too. Any property that shall hold your family together but also should have a good resale value. That is what we can call a good investment in time. An investment in the future, which you do now.

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