Why do we need to adapt to green Building Concept?

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Nov , 20
Why do we need to adapt to green Building Concept?

It is really a high time for us where we have to think about the existence of our planet that we are living in. It is no more a myth, but we have experienced, how our natural environment has been changing drastically towards a darker day. From last few years now, the air quality of our country is going bad in times. We are already past the time where we need to adapt to the things that can help our environment be less polluted and safe.

Well, one thing from many, which we can do and that can have a longer effect is to adopt the green building housing concept.


The Green building system is an overall approach, from designing to constructing buildings that can aim to achieve the goal of conserving energy, water, and material resources and provide a healthy and safe environment.

What makes a building green?

  • Reduction of Unnecessary destruction of valuable land, habitat and open space with the restriction of urban sprawl.

  • The incorporation of reused, recycled content made from renewable resources.

  • Utilizing the best possible conditions in terms of indoor air quality, ventilation, and thermal comfort, access to natural ventilation and daylighting.

  • Landscaping features by using native plants that survive without extra watering and reduces water usage.

  • Environmentally responsible structure and resource-efficient throughout its life-cycle.

Benefits of the Green Building?

The major benefit of green building is that it generates less greenhouse gas which directly affects our environment. It positively influences our climate and overall ecosystem by reducing water use and energy sources that pollute our environment, such as coal and carbon dioxide discharged into the atmosphere. Green building not only decreases water wastage but preserves natural resources, defends biodiversity and enhances our air and water quality. It also reduces your carbon footprint by producing less waste and decreasing the number of toxic gases set free into the air. In this way, the pace of climate change is slowed down, and a positive contribution to saving our environment is made.

Going green means getting rid of the bad toxins and having the ability to breathe in fresh, clean air. Having a good indoor environment that protects our health and enhances their quality of life by avoiding serious illnesses induced by the inhalation of toxic substances. Apart from green building housing, in green building offices, an improved air indoor quality not only safeguards your life, but it can also strengthen employee productivity. Employees working in clean and green built properties tend to have better concentration and focus capabilities, improving their work performance. Few other life-impacting benefits to green building concept are:

  • Low Maintenance and Operation Cost

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Enhances Indoor Environment Quality

  • Better Health

  • Material Efficiency

  • Better Environment

  • Reduces Strain on Local Resources

Except for the fact that Green building benefits go beyond economics and the environment It also has shown to bring positive social impacts too. Many of these benefits are around the health and wellbeing of people who work in green offices or live in green homes.

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